Whether you are prototyping a new creative design, working on a user-interface concept, or engaged in website development and drawing up mock-ups, website icon packs can be a massive lifesaver. Not only do vector icons keep their quality over the course of sizing modifications but they can also be utilized across numerous industries and sectors. Beyond this, it’s practically impossible to go anywhere online without seeing them, after all, they are the bread and butter for many UX designers.

Why Are Vector Icon Sets Used in Website Development?


Website icon sets are primarily used in website development and prototyping because they offer an excellent way to enhance the design of the site, whether that be through a unique and stunning visual style or through bold elements that quickly attract a user’s attention. Beyond this, icon sets increase readability, reduce text content, and can be easily incorporated into your aesthetic design.

  • The Advantage of Increased Readability. One of the major things that websites suffer from is text walls. Relying on too much text to get your content message across can create a very boring and dull page. Vector icons add flair, provide a visual guide, and draw attention to what is important.
  • How They Reduce Text Clutter. Building off of the point above, when you are trying to reduce text clutter, you want to have an icon that sends the right message for the text you are cutting away. When you get this right, a user can understand the meaning behind your message at a much quicker rate than if they were required to read an entire block of text.
  • Consistent and Coherent Design Options. Icon sets can be visually matched to your design so that they help users become familiar with what you are offering, quickly. They can create a sense of coherence and consistency across every page.
  • Add Brand Personality and Communication Tone. When creating a voice for your brand, you can use vector icons to build on the image you want your brand to represent. If you have a fun and casual brand style, you can use fun and casual icon sets to reinforce this.
  • They Can Be Modified. Most icon sets can be modified so that you can make them uniquely your own.

Here Are 5 of the Best Paid Website Icon Packs Available

  1. If you are okay with thin lines and bright pastel colors, the Startup Bundle from Flat Icons may be the perfect option if you don’t quite have your UI design set in stone. These particular website icons come with complete topics, meaning there is a complete set for each topic within the package. From online marketing and artificial intelligence to cryptocurrency and e-Commerce, you can’t go wrong with this pack as it contains over 800 individual icons. The price point is $35.00.

  1. If you are looking for some flat web icons that have full backgrounds or are round in shape, the Advanced Flat Web Icons by Vasabii may be an excellent option. This pack comes with 400 icons that range from human psychology to personal skills, education, and personal growth. The price tag is $27.00.

  1. If you prefer to go the minimalist route and want smooth lines, elegance, and simplicity, then the Caviar Premium Icon pack provides a solid look. The pack comes with 457 icons, multiple file formats, are fully editable and has a price tag of $48.00.

  1. Having a shopping and e-commerce website? Check out the Shopping and e-Commerce icon set by Kucingklawu. These icons sport a bold yellow and black look, are scalable, and come in multiple file formats. This pack comes with 48 icons and has a price tag of $7.00.

  1. If you have a self-improvement, educational, or self-learning blog, website, or project, the Academic Disciplines Education Icons by Good Stuff No Nonsense may be an excellent option. The pack comes with four different styles, 127 unique icons and 508 total icons at a price tag of $28.00. The styles include single color, sticker background, full color, and regular background.

Here Are 5 of the Best Free Website Icon Packs Available

  1. Looking for some hand-drawn social media icons that are free to use but still unique in their design, then look no further than the Social Media Icons pack by Good Stuff No Nonsense. This pack is fun, provides instantly recognizable icons, and utilizes shadows to make them pop more.

  1. Anyone care for some little robots? Any artificial intelligence project or automation design project is going to want to snap these 20 free robot icons up. The Robots by Design Zone come with a very friendly but casual look, have tons of personality, and can suit a large range of services and products within the technology field.

  1. If you are planning on running a website that deals in cooking, enhance your UI design with Cooking by Good Stuff No Nonsense. This pack comes with 55 hand-drawn icons that are created in chalk, are casual in style, and give off a cozy and homely aesthetic.

  1. Want an icon pack that comes with a classic design and playful colors, yet stands out across any UI design? Dusk UI Icons by Icons8 may be a handy option for those who want soft colors and a wide range of designs. With 80 different icon designs, you get a nice palette of thumbnails, notifications, and core vector designs.

  1. Minimalism is alive and well and not just because of the elegant lines and simplistic design but also because all icons in the Simple Lines Icons by Mirko Monti are scalable! With 100 free icons coming in multiple formats, this pack offers up a clean, sharp design aesthetic that is sure to fit any UX project.